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Creating a meaningful bond between caregiver and client

Home care is such an intimate experience as a senior. You are inviting a stranger into your home to assist you with the most intimate aspects of your life. The beginning stages of home care can be awkward and uncomfortable for all those involved, but as the relationship develops the caregiver coming in to provide home care can start to feel like family. There are some tips to help create that meaningful bond;


Communication is key and the stepping stone to any relationship. In home care you can experience some hurdles in communicating in certain situations such as language barriers, symptoms of Dementia/Alzheimer’s and hearing issues. It is imperative to have patience, be clear with your words and be active in your listening. This might mean to always communicate face to face while providing home care and not trying to speak from a distance or another room. Be aware of your tone and their mood, it may not be the best time to have a specific conversation that can wait until later.


Accepting home care is not a simple decision. Having someone in your home is not always ideal. This is where active listening becomes so important; to listen to them and their desires. Home care can be so beneficial for the aging senior, but it is important to ensure they are comfortable in their own home. Actively listening to their thoughts, concerns and desires rather than dismissing them will help create that meaningful bond that beautifully blossoms in this environment.


Being accepting of home care as a senior is a difficult process that comes with many emotions. It is important as someone providing home care to understand your clients physical limitations but not to focus on their ailments, but rather on them as a multi-dimensional human being. Patience is key in allowing them to still do the things they are able to with little to no assistance to allow them to maintain some control in their life and home. While you may not always be able to follow through with their wishes, such as enforcing medications or going to appointments, it must always be done with kindness and compassion. Allowing them to express their emotions and apprehension and having conversations on the importance of such things to keep them as healthy as possible. Giving them time and explanations will show that their home care provider is giving them love, respect and understanding.


The best way to create a meaningful bond as a home care provider is to get to know your client! Learning more about them will create connection and help you drastically on more challenging days. Home care observations can be vital in identifying new issues and challenges in their physical and mental health as well as what they can accomplish on their own. Knowing how to soothe and redirect your client during challenging times can be extremely beneficial in the client and home care provider bond. Coming with solutions and suggestions you know they will enjoy and be open to show your client your continued support and compassion and encourage their feelings of being loved, understood and respected.


Providing home care for seniors requires patience and compassion. Communicating clearly, practicing active listening and getting to know your clients can ensure a meaningful bond is created where the client feels heard, understood and supported entirely. This bond will ease their stigma of asking for help when they need it now and in the future. As a home care provider, you are often accepted as part of the extended family of the client you care for especially the longer your relationship spans. The initial interactions are imperative to fostering this relationship which will continue to grow in connection, respect and admiration.


The City of Ottawa has programs and online tools to give you access to relevant information for yourself as a home care provider and for the seniors in your care.

The Royal Ottawa provides counseling services for family and caregivers alike and has many tools and resources to assist with you and your clients emotional well-being.

Western Ottawa Resource Centre offers virtual weekly support programs for all different types of caregivers.

Ottawa Public Health has a vast array of services and supports to assist you as a homecare provider as well as information and advice for seniors in your care.


Our Google Reviews

Highly recommend Life At Home! Quick to reply and kind staff. We had the chance to ask questions during our in-home assessment and they took the time to really understand what we needed for my Father and involved us in every step. We have referred a few friends and everyone raves about their staff and services. We also really loved having access to their Family Portal, which other companies did not provide.

Serge Savard Dec 12, 2023

My mom received around the clock care from Life At Home for a little over a year before she passed away. She had memory issues (dementia) that progressed very fast but it was her wish after my father's passing to remain in their condo. Living 5 hours away, it was hard to know if she was truly being taken care of by the previous agency we used. Life At Home's consultation process was a breeze, after the assessment I knew she would be in great hands. The caregivers chosen for my mom were wonderful. I received a report after every visit and the office staff were always pleasant to chat with. Thank you again, I am truly grateful.

Kylan L Nov 11, 2023

As a result of diagnoses of Myasthenia Gravis and Parkinson’s disorders, My wife, Charlotte, has not been able to get around without the use of wheelchair for well over a year. She requires assistance for transfers from bed to a reclining chair in our living room and for showers or to attend appointments or personal outings such as to visit family. We have been receiving Personal Support Worker (PSW) services from Life at Home since November 2022. We have also received services from other providers. We have been entirely satisfied by the exceptional services provided by Life at Home. Dependability We have found Life at Home to always be totally dependable. On numerous occasions, we have needed a PSW on… Read more

Guy Goulard Oct 10, 2023

My mother received overnight care from the wonderful staff at Life at Home from mid February- mid September, 2023. The agency provided consistency in workers, shared information with their staff about my mother, and were always very quick to respond to me. I would highly recommend them. Julie Kanter

Julie Kanter Oct 10, 2023

I have been a member of the Life At Home team for almost a year now and have had nothing but a positive experience. When I first started working for LAH in March of last year, I was a bit nervous as this was the first job that I would have in this field. Thankfully the staff at LAH really helped me and guided me through the process. They introduced me to new clients and they provided a clear and precise Care Plan for each client, outlining what their diagnosis are and what we are there to help them with.The staff at Life At Home create a stress free and easygoing environment for us employees. They are quick to respond… Read more

Victoria Miller Oct 10, 2023

The Life At Home team cares very much for their clients & work really hard to ensure all expectations are met. These caregivers are trustworthy, kind, compassionate & a pleasure to interact with. I can recommend Life At Home without hesitation.

Anne Miller Sep 9, 2023

I am really grateful that I got to work with Life at Home. Caroline and Ashley were really nice and they will make sure that you are comfortable with the clients you’re working with.

Patricia DT Aug 8, 2023

You cannot find more compassionate people then this company. I would not hesitate at all to use this company again.

janet puddicombe Aug 8, 2023

Life at home provides excellent service. I strongly recommend to use their services . I get to stay in my house while getting the help I need.

My S Aug 8, 2023

Very well organized and managed buisness,provides great care and support, as well as very friendly staff that make the customers feel more comfortable in their own home.

Lucas Savard Aug 8, 2023

The compassionate care that was provided for my grandfather through life at home was a god send. They were reliable, knowledgeable and caring. We had tried other larger companies but the one on one care and attention shown all around was unmatched. I highly recommend them.

David Ernest Aug 8, 2023

Breathe of fresh air! Life at Home provides quality home care services for seniors that values their quality of life over everything. Their experienced staff make you feel like family, even on the administrative and coordination side of it, they keep it friendly and personable! It’s always a pleasant experience when dealing with them and they make every client feel like they matter and are priority #1!

Samantha Crete Aug 8, 2023

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